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Cargo Noir Board Game

Cargo Noir Board Game

Cargo Noir is an Auction game. It's a game of suspect trading in which players run "families" who traffic in smuggled goods. If you love to smuggle, bargain and outwit, you will love Cargo Noir.

Easy to learn and play. And with plenty of variation in the game play, Cargo Noir is a lot of fun for everybody. 2-5 Player. Ages 12 and Up.

International Game of the Year!

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Australian Board Game AwardLoaded with clandestine goods, a sampan glides through the dark waters of Aberdeen Harbour. It slips unnoticed under the bow of a British patrol boat whose crew seems more interested in sleep than watchfulness.

Designed by Serge Laget, the game takes place in the thrilling and evocative setting of 1950's film Noir.

Game play revolves around a changing set of notorious smuggling ports around the world, each filled with contraband. Players dispatch cargo ships loaded with gold to these ports - hoping to acquire goods that will later be traded for Victory Spoils.

Cargo Noir is quickly learned, but offers many routes to victory; and is the rare trading game that works equally well with 2 players as well as more.

  • 2-5 Players
  • Age 10+
  • 30-90 minutes


Cargo Noir comes with a luscious set of full-color cardboard and cardstock components, plus various well-sculpted plastic bits. This includes: a multi-part cardboard board, cardboard cargo tiles (plus a bag to draw them from), cardstock victory point cards, cardstock family sheets, and plastic ships and coins.

Quality: Everything is excellent quality. The plastic coins are nicely molded plastic, while the plastic ships are actually two-part models. The cardboard is all linen-textured, board game videowhile the cardstock is quite stiff.

Beauty: The artwork in the game is all by Miguel Coimbra. It's cartoony but attractive. It's also got quite a neat details and fun easter eggs. The graphic design work, seen in places like the player aid sheet, is also well done.

Usability: Cargo Noir helpfully lists the couple of most relevant rules on the player aid sheets. You don't even have to think about things like your hand size, because there are clearly just 6 places for tiles on your player sheet. Some of the victory cards provide in-game effects, and those are clearly listed on the cards too.


Total Quality - Maximum Fun!

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