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Deluxe Okey - Mosaic Rummy

Deluxe Okey - Mosaic Rummy

Beautiful Traditional Turkish Okey (Rummy). Hand Made Mosaic Rummy Game from Antakya with complete set of Melamine Rummy Tiles.

Comes with four large racks (41 x 6.5 x 7.5cm), inlaid by hand with Lemon, Rose, Walnut, Olive wood and Maple Veneer. Ziip bag and large rummy tiles. Traditional and Authentic Board Game.

Exclusive in Australia to Games from Everywhere.

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This Okey is Premium Quality inlaid Walnut, Lemon, Rosewood, Maple and Beautiful Mother of Pearl.

Mosaic Turkish Rummy (Okey) is a traditional board game loved by people from all over the Middle East. Commonly known as Rummy Cub in the West, it can be found on the street corner, in the pub, and anywhere else men gather to drink, talk and chew tabbaca!

  • Mother of Pearl, Lemon, Walnut, Hornbeam, Rose and Olive Wood Veneer.
  • Piano finish
  • Weight 5kg
  • 2-4 players ages 12 to adult.
  • Hand Made Wooden Mosaic Rummy Hornbeam inlaid Racks 41 x 6.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Complete set of large melamine Rummy tiles.
  • Rules

Turkish Rummy (Okey) is closely related to Romanian Tile Rummy and other games of the Rummy family, from where it probably originated.

Of all the Rummy games, these two are perhaps the oldest and are enjoying a resurgence in popularity today.

There are eight tiles of each number: two red, two yellow, two green and two black. In addition there are two special, tiles without numbers - these are known in this game as "false jokers" (in Turkish "sahte okey"). The backs of the tiles are plain, so tiles that are face down on the table or held by another player all look the same.

One 6-sided die is used during the distribution of tiles. Okey is almost always played by four players, although it is possible for two or three people to play. The whole game is played anticlockwise. During the game each player has a hand of 14 tiles.

The object is, by drawing and discarding tiles, to be the first to form a hand that consists entirely of sets of equal numbered tiles, and runs of consecutive tiles of the same colour.

About Mosaics

Wood Mosaics (Marquetry) is a brilliant and traditional design solution of the Middle East that closes the divide between beautiful wood and moisture rich environments. This line allows several simple yet dynamic wood species to radiate elegance and depth, without the fear of deterioration in humid or moist situations.

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