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Corintho Board Game

Corintho Board Game

Corintho is a Beautifully Designed Strategy Board Game that was made to be on show. Using detailed Corinthian capitals, columns and bases as the playing pieces, two architects compete in constructing a winning combination of Columns.

High Quality Board Game from the Award Winning Family Games Range.

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Award Winning Corintho.

Timeline: 400 B.C., Greece. The foundation has been laid for a New Corinthian Temple. Two architects are working to create a line of 3 constructions using shared playing pieces.

Using the Corinthian Column pinnacles, columns, and bases each architect may add, stack or move a new piece in the game. With a restricted choice of moves to make, competitive strategy skills will cast the winner's name in stone!

Includes:corintho board game

  • 1 foundation playing board
  • 8 capitals
  • 8 columns
  • 8 bases
  • Instructions.

Age: 8+

No. of Players: 2-4

Download Corintho Board Game Rules

Check out Corintho Strategies.

Award: Wiener Spiele Mischung Selektion 2005 - GERMANY

At first, this board game will look like an elaborate Tic Tac Toe. On a small game board, you place either the base, the shaft, or the cap of a corinthian column. The idea is to get three pieces of the same type in a row - at the same level.

A couple of other rules complicate play, however, so that the result is a game that approaches Chess and Go in strategic complexity. Almost nothing depends on chance, and almost everything on your ability to think ahead. Think of it as a game designed to stretch your ability on the spatial relationships portion of an IQ test.

Not everybody enjoys deep-thinking games like this. But, like chess, it's possible for sharp-thinking younger players to compete with tired older ones and win. Plus, the game is really pretty.

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