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Chess Piece Set - Staunton Grand Master

Chess Piece Set - Staunton Grand Master

Deluxe, Professionally weighted and hand carved Staunton Grand Master Wooden Piece Chess Set.

Two Extra Queens, 4 1/8" King. Premium Golden Rosewood and White Maple Chess Pieces. Does not Include Board.

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The wooden chess pieces of this Grand Master Chess Set are handcrafted by experienced artisans to capture the spirit of the exquisite design and proportions of the original Staunton pattern chess set, first offered by the firm of John Jaques and Son of London, 1849.

The Wooden Chess pieces in this Deluxe Golden Rosewood and White Maple Chess set are felted with thick Green Billiard Cloth pads to protect the Chess Board.

Quality and Stately Genuine Golden Rosewood and White Maple Chess Pieces are considered to be among the finest Staunton Chess Sets ever produced.

Nice shapes and wide, well weighted bases. Finely carved Knights.

This Wooden Chess Piece set comes with:

  • 4 Queens
  • Complimentary Genuine Leather chess piece storage chest
  • Would Suit 50cm Chess Board
  • Professionally weighted Solid Golden Rosewood and White Maple Chess pieces.
  • Certificate of Authentication - view.



Weight in grams:

Height in inches:

Base diameter in inches:



4 1/8

1 3/4



3 3/4

1 3/4



3 1/4

1 1/2



2 1/4

1 1/4




1 1/2



2 1/8

1 1/8

White Maple - Boxwood.

Boxwood (white maple) is without doubt the most common wood used to make chessmen. It’s a very dense wood with a clean grain and not too much variation in the colour. It is dense enough to be carved into immense detail. Boxwood is not an overly expensive wood however it’s still of a high enough grade to be used in the most expensive of chessmen. It comes from a tree aptly named ‘The Boxwood Tree’.

Golden Rosewood

Sheesham, often referred to as Golden Rosewood is a dense hardwood that is available in abundance in India. It’s grains can be extremely attractive and it’s used to make chess boards as well as chess pieces. It's attractive, natural sheen and grain makes it one of the most popular and well liked timbers used for high quality chess pieces.

  Beautiful Play and Display Staunton Chess Piece Set.

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